Brand Development & Management

    Overview: Our brand development and management (BD &M) services include logo & graphic design, web design & development, and strategy marketing. Our goal is to make sure you’re successful in how your presented and received to your customers. Basically, we’ll make sure you  look good! And when it comes to your online web presence we’ll ensue your site is fully responsive and user friendly.  To top that off, we also have other services that contribute to your  overall success and longevity!

    Logo Design & Graphic Design: Our logo design and graphic design services are ideal for entrepreneurs and small businesses. We are also the perfect fit for start-up ventures. This includes compete Logo Design and Branding: from brand discovery and strategy to complete development and execution.

    Web Design & Development: You not only need a web presence – you also need to capture your visitor’s attention and have a unique online identity and/or storefront. Web design and web development is done right at Legaci-Twenty-One!

    Business Resources

    Overview: As entrepreneurs and business owners we know how tough it can be at times. We also know that a series of high cost services will not lead you to success without proper guidance… We genuinely love helping others reach their goals and Legaci Twenty-One was born from that passion… At the core of Legaci Twenty-One is a strong passion for powerful brand development and management. Your brand is not only your logo or visual presentation it’s everything that is you ” your business”. Having the valuable business resources you need will help you make the most of all the other services we offer, so that you can actually build a legacy. Over the years we’ve learned a lot, we’ve made a lot of connections, and we’ve gained access to amazing resources. If you’d like to be a beneficiary, we’re here to help and eager to lead the way! Our business resources include general consultations, referrals, in depth consulting, and even project management.

    Consulting & Referrals: We help you stay focused on your bottom line by bringing our education, experience, resources, and connections to the table for your benefit. Don’t get caught up making uneducated decisions that hurt your business in the long run.

    Project Management: As entrepreneurs and small business owners we are by default forced to handle projects we have no desire to handle or lack the knowledge and resources to carry out effectively, efficiently, and on budget… No worries, that’s where we come in! Contact us to learn more.

    Event Management

    Overview: Organizing an event on any scale involves studying the brand, identifying the target audience, devising the event concept, planning the logistics and coordinating the technical aspects before actually launching the event. Oh and don’t forget to throw entertainment, marketing and promotion into the mix along with other tedious details… Sounds like a headache right? Let us make it easy for you! We’ll work with you every step of the way. Communication is key in ensuring your print will leave a lasting impression. Trust your vision in our hands and you can rest easy while we work hard to bring your event to life!


    We are excited to help you build your legacy… So, let’s get building!


    You can give us a call Monday through Friday from 9am to 4pm at 702-425-2688. Or you can email us at build@legaci21.com!…