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Before you hire us for work please review our services/pricing page to learn how pricing works and if a consultation is required. Then choose how you’d like to order. 


Option 1 | Order Online For Select Services.

We’ll only require an initial 50% deposit for most services. Once we receive your order we’ll contact you by phone or email to launch your project!

Click here  to order online!

Option 2 | Contact Us Directly for other services.

For services that require custom pricing and/or consultations it’s best that you contact us directly!


Here’s how to contact us…


There are  a few easy ways to get a hold of us! We’re open Monday through Friday from 9am to 4pm and unless we’re away from our desk helping another Legacy Builder, we’re available to you!

  1. Chat with us right here on the site, during business hours. Just look around there’s a chat button nearby! 🙂
  2. Call 702-550-4970
  3. Email


We are excited to help you build your legacy… So, let’s get building!