•   Having the valuable business resources you need will help you make the most of all the other services we offer, so that you can actually build a legacy. Over the years we’ve learned a lot, we’ve made a lot of connections, and we’ve gained access to amazing resources. If you’d like to be a beneficiary, we’re here to help and eager to lead the way! Our business resources include general consultations, referrals, in depth consulting, and even project management.


    Are you in need of business resources or specific guidance in certain areas? We’re here to help, but we have to assess your needs. Schedule your consultation today! Virtual, face to face, or teleconference; we’re flexible! It doesn’t matter how small or large your project or need is; we’re able to provide you with the best resources. Why wait any longer? Get started NOW!

     If you are ready to get started with Legaci Twenty-One business resources, please contact us so we can schedule your consultation. You can reach us  at 702.550.4970 or feel free to email us at build@leagaci21.com!